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Schweißzubehör für Profis und Hobby-Handwerker. Vom hochwertigen Schweißgerät bis zur Komplettausstattung an Sicherheits-Schweißbedarf. In dieser Kategorie finden Sie alles, was Sie für beste Schweißergebnisse benötigen.

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Professional welding accessories

For perfect results, high-quality welding accessories are indispensable. In the welding supplies section, you will find, for example, stick electrodes, copper welding wire, slag hammer (welding hammer), magnetic welding angles in various sizes and angles, welding tongs and welding clamps and, of course, professional inverter welders in various designs. Our professional welders allow precise welding current control and offer all the prerequisites for accurate and uncomplicated work. The automatic air cooling and the low weight facilitate the work. Welding accessories such as welding cable, welding mask, shoulder strap and hammer are already included in the welding equipment package, so that you can basically start immediately. The welding units are available with and without transformer in the power ratings 10-125A, 10-160A, 10-200A, 55-160A, 60-180A and 80-250A. Depending on the field of application, you will always find the right welding equipment in our welding supplies category.

More safety through safety welding equipment

Your own protection is extremely important, especially during welding work. That is why we offer you a wide range of safety welding accessories. Not only your eyes should be protected from the glaring welding flashes, but also all parts of your body that are not already covered by your clothing. This applies not only to everyday work, but also to welding work in the private sphere!

Protect yourself with professional welding helmets, special welding shoes and the appropriate clothing. This consists of welding trousers, welding jacket, welding apron and welding sleeves. The right gloves are also particularly important as welding supplies. We offer different types here, as the welding gloves should fit perfectly in order to be able to work precisely. Depending on your preference, we offer welding gloves made of cow split leather, heat-resistant welding gloves with Kevlar seams and high-strength welding gloves made of nitrile rubber.

The small sparks that occur during welding can cause painful small burns on the hands and face. In our range, you'll find everything you need to avoid blinding eyes and minor burns. Take care of your health and ensure safe working - with the right welding accessories.

Welding helmets: protection for skin and eyes

It's hot - and bright - when the welding equipment is put into operation. As everywhere else in the trade, the same applies here: Safety First! And fortunately, the time of one-handed welding with hand shields to protect the face is over. Today there are modern welding helmets!

What do welding helmets protect us from?

Welding is the joining of metals or other materials using heat and/or pressure. This results in glaring electric arcs, infrared and UV radiation, which endangers our eyes. It also produces fumes and smoke that are harmful to our respiratory organs. And finally, sparks fly during welding, sometimes even small particles can spray off and the process radiates a lot of heat. We have to protect our head, skin and hair from all these factors. This is the job of the welding helmet.
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What does a good welding helmet need?

Since hand shields have already been shelved, it is advisable to buy a proper helmet. So that welding does not always have to be started in a blind state, helmets have now been developed that are light-sensitive and sometimes darken automatically. These helmets are powered either by batteries or by solar energy.

Especially for frequent welders and professionals, the second variant is very suitable, as it is always ready for use. Comfort is also important and so factors such as weight, padding and adjustable sizes should be considered. In addition, welding helmets must also be suitable for the welding process in question.

Automatic dimming

The latest innovation on the market are the high-tech welding helmets with automatic dimming. As soon as welding begins, a photocell registers the light intensity or radiation and automatically darkens the field of vision of these helmets within a few milliseconds. It is advisable to pay attention to high light sensitivity and fast reaction speed.

Good helmets are adjustable so that you can adapt the protection to the circumstances. Many helmets also have an automatic re-lighting function, which keeps your hands free and eliminates the need to constantly raise and lower the visor or mask.

Welding helmet and glasses - is that possible?

In principle, people who wear glasses can also weld with a welding helmet without any problems. When buying one, just make sure that the helmet fits tightly enough on the head (without being uncomfortable, of course) so that no harmful gases or even sparks get inside the mask. Helmets that are considered suitable for spectacles are marked accordingly in our shop.

Our range of welding helmets

We offer high-quality welding helmets to protect your eyes and health. This way you are always well prepared for your job as well as for welding work in your free time! In our assortment you will find welding helmets that are adjustable in width and therefore suitable for women or men with small heads. We also stock accessories such as chin straps.

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