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Welding and soldering are thermal joining techniques that require special tools. Not only various gas torches, soldering equipment and matching accessories can be found in our store, but also all the important utensils for welding. Starting from welding wire and welding angles to welding equipment with and without transformer, you can find many products in this area.

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Welding technology, soldering and working correctly with gas torches

Welding and soldering are both important joining processes that play a major role in the craft sector. Different types of metal can be reliably joined together using the two procedures and the associated equipment. In our online shop you will also find numerous tools that are indispensable for carrying out such work. In the following text, we have summarised everything you need to know about welding techniques on the one hand and everything about soldering lamps, soldering irons and co. as well as the processes themselves on the other.




Welding - what exactly is behind it


When welding, the aim is to join several workpieces / materials with the help of heat or also pressure. Once the process is complete, the many individual pieces finally form a solid unit. There are different approaches to welding something, including:
-MIG & MAG welding
-TIG welding
-E-hand welding

Metal welding with inert (non-active) gases (MIG) and metal welding with active gases (MAG) involves working with an arc. As the name suggests, an arc flame is used as the heat source. The electricity required for operation is supplied by the welding power source. Although the heat of the arc flame alone is sufficient for some workpieces to fuse together, the use of an additional filler material is usually necessary.

This welding technique involves the use of a welding wire and wire pusher. A motor continuously feeds the wire towards the arc, where it finally melts or liquefies. In this state, it is essential to protect the molten metal from air oxidation - this is easily achieved with the help of shielding gas. The welding techniques MIG and MAG differ in the gases that flow out in this step:
-MIG - helium or argon gas
-MAG - CO2 or argon gas

Tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), on the other hand, uses an electrode tip made of tungsten. The soldering torch is held with one hand and solder is added with the other.

Electrode welding (E-hand) is the most recommended method for private use. Here, a coated electrode is fed to the workpiece. The sheath has a powder inside. If the electrode is separated, it releases a protective bell of gas. Normally harmful influences from outside can now no longer reach the weld seam.

Before starting with the welding equipment, a certain amount of preparatory work is important, regardless of the method. Among other things, the workpieces to be processed must be placed so closely together with their edges that a so-called weld joint is created. The edges of the joint can then fuse together better during welding.



Soldering - what is it?


Soldering can also be used to join different metals together. It can be roughly divided into:
-soft soldering
-hard soldering

To achieve the goal, so-called solder or soldering tin is melted. This is a metal alloy that usually consists of tin or lead, but other alloying elements can also be used.

In soft soldering, a soldering iron is used to melt the solder. This generates temperatures of around 300 degrees at the soldering tip, so that the material to be processed can be melted quickly and effortlessly. As soon as the solder has cooled down, a solid connection is created between the workpieces, which also has gas- and water-tight properties.

With brazing, on the other hand, temperatures are reached that far exceed the 300 degree mark. As a rule, one speaks here of temperature regions between 450 and 1000 degrees. A normal soldering iron cannot apply this heat, so an alternative is to use a soldering torch / gas burner, also known as a soldering lamp. Due to the high temperatures, protective clothing and goggles must be used when soldering with a soldering lamp. Without high-quality protective equipment, it is imperative to refrain from using such soldering sets.

But soldering irons can do even more. Various materials can also be cut or separated with a soldering iron. Sheet metal, polystyrene, wood and some foam materials can be cut with it. Many DIY enthusiasts also use the soldering iron to burn patterns into some of the materials mentioned. There are hardly any limits to the imagination here.


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We have a wide range of high-quality soldering and welding equipment in our assortment, so that you can be sure of a clean and safe execution of the work at hand. In our shop you will find, among other things:
-welding devices / inverter welding devices
-Micro torch
-gas torches
-butt welding devices
-socket welding devices
-soldering torches
-soldering guns
-soldering irons
-soldering lamps
-hand soldering sets

Of course you can also buy copper welding wires, rod electrodes and other accessories for your desired welding technique. With us you can comfortably buy everything in the field of soldering and welding at the push of a button.


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