Professional workwear for profession and hobby...


Wearing the right clothes at work is not only necessary for safety. Feeling good is also an important aspect. In many fields of work it is important to have clothes that not only protect you from injuries. It should also shield you from unpleasant weather conditions. Wind, snow, rain and cold should not prevent you from doing your work.

There are jobs that need to be done in cool environments. These include cold storage, special industries and outdoor work areas. You can find suitable protective and winter jackets as well as winter and rain pants in our online store. Regardless of the workplace environments weather and temperature characteristics, many areas require workwear that provides freedom of movement, safety and resistance.

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Professional workwear for profession and hobby

In many professions and fields of work, the right workwear is mandatory. But high-quality workwear is also worthwhile for hobby craftsmen, as it guarantees the necessary safety for many activities. In the category "Work" you will find the right clothing for your project, safety shoes and the corresponding equipment, such as gloves, helmets and knee pads. Depending on the activity, there is more to proper equipment than just work clothes: Therefore, you will also find respiratory protection, face protection, hearing protection and fall protection. In addition, we also offer complete equipment for special activities, such as welding supplies.

High-quality workwear for indoors and outdoors

The right workwear protects you from real hazards, such as heavy goods or machinery, possibly even health-threatening pollution and, of course, also from the weather if you are working outside or in unheated areas. Only those who feel comfortable in their work clothes and neither sweat nor freeze more than necessary can work in a concentrated and fatigue-free manner. Thus, new workwear is also directly linked to productivity. In addition to the protective function, high-quality workwear also fulfils certain comfort requirements. If the clothing does not fit correctly, it can sometimes have a negative impact on the work, so attention should be paid to accuracy of fit and the right size.

Tested quality, robust materials and long durability for your workwear

Workwear must meet a wide range of requirements: Cut protection jackets and trousers protect you from injuries, knee protection lets you work more comfortably even when tiling or doing other floor work, and the right work gloves protect your hands from dirt, lubricants and injuries. But all the other garments are also made of durable materials, with high-quality workmanship and some with reinforcements in the high-wear areas, so that they last a long time even after daily wear.

When it comes to design, the aim is also the optimum compromise between practical use and appearance. To ensure that the workwear proves itself in everyday use, the pockets, zips and cut are all precisely tailored to the intended activity. Each piece should be as user-friendly as possible and still look good. We want you to feel comfortable in our workwear and equipment. Some garments, such as the jeans work trousers, can also be worn well in your free time. Also discover our range of womens´s workwear such as women's work trousers or women's work jackets.

This also includes protection against cold temperatures. In many activities you are exposed to the weather, often for hours. Softshell jackets and lined clothing offer sufficient protection from the cold and rain suits let you work protected even in adverse conditions. Equip yourself optimally for your work, we will also be happy to advise you on the best work equipment for your profession or hobby. Frequently asked questions, for example about payment options and shipping, are also answered in detail in our FAQ section.